09 August 2008

Bone Bash IX was WAY Better than BFD 2008

All kindsa bands you've never heard of on the 2nd stage -- and some you have heard of rocking out here... keeping the buzz going for the crowd before the bikini contest, the comedian... then SCORPIONS take the stage in daylight and rock the place through the sunset -- then the foggers and lights kicked into overdrive. A better video of a similar performance. Big Thanks to whoever shot and posted the following night's Costa Mesa show on YouTube. Nicer quality.

Missing were the lighted, stepped drum risers and other stage structures they tour with on larger stages such as Shoreline. Hmmm. Sammy's onstage bar and fans took up the back half of the entire stage behind a curtain.

Sammy Hagar reallllly knows how to put on a great show. Got the backstage bleachers full of contest winners who are STOKED to be watching the concert from the musicians' POV. Michael Anthony came back to play some VH tunes. Some white rapper dude from the East Bay came out for Fight For Your Right (To Party).

So, if you're a guy, you know that nobody really talks while staring at the wall, peeing. Unless you walked in there talking with your friends or something. It was dead silence for about 36 urinals lined up and another 12 toilet stalls on the opposite wall. A tiny boy's voice says, "Daddy! Look at all the toilets in here!" And everyone started laughing.

What the hell is it anyway, that everyone shuts their pie holes when they go into the men's room for Serious Business (??)

I have heard of Celebrities complaining about people asking for autographs while peeing.


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