06 September 2008

Silver Hair

I was at a Labor Day BBQ recently where I helped lower the avg age of the group. It was a warm, windy, wild, innocent evening while I manned the Q for the home team. Captain Joni had set this all up with her pals from work and from the old neighborhood (y'know, the house she moved out of to be single again).

A nice lady pointed out that the burgers were burning and she suggested that I turn down the BBQ. I asked, "should I turn down the back, the middle, or the front burner?" She says, "I dunno. I don't know anything about BBQs." Right.

Later, everyone was complementing the chef on the early cookin' of the burgers & dogs for the kids and they loved the chicken, salmon, mushroom, onion, zucchini, etc. from the grill. After I was finished somebody smiled and said, "Hey, I hope you saved yourself a plate". From me: "Oh, no - I would never eat anything off of this barbecue grill!"

I clicked off my 4th decade almost a year ago. Have never colored my hair -- not even for Halloween -- I have a few grey hairs finding their way to the surface of my mop. After several adult beverages, one of the partiers noticed I have one silver hair in the center of the crown of my hair. "no, no, no" I retorted, "that's my antenna!"


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