03 November 2008



And here's a collection of some of my most sophomoric fellow fans of the National Fucking Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers in an online discussion forum. Again, some of these characters put the "cuss" in discussion. Why? Because they post under assumed names and there are an excessively large number of "fans" of opposing teams posting comments. Two years ago, it was a better quality room online.

The TV commentators always mention how well the Pittsburgh Steelers' fans travel. It's not so much that, itself. What they're saying makes all of the Pittsburgh transplants of the 1970s wince in their homes, their new hometowns, and their home bars -- watching their team religiously. The crash of the US steel industry during the 70s caused (among other things) devalued real estate; massive layoffs; closure of plants, offices, city infrastructure; and the general spread of pure football knowledge across the country.

Not the Amish. Not the ubiquitous, ever-present, and redundant Mormons. The fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Is everyone aware that the forward pass was a "new idea" in American Football at one time in history -- not too long ago??


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