01 July 2006


In our lives, we see people come and people go. This is no different than it ever has been for all living people. It's a strange concept to fully grasp. In many cultures, a day of remembrance is designated for those who have passed before us. Dia de los Muertos or "Day of the Dead" is a celebration not of death, but of life.
A celebration of the lives of people who have impacted our lives and have passed to another state of being. Death is the ultimate experience. Ultimate, as in: final.
Too many times, people repeat the same errors that ultimately end their lives. The cumulative effects of these errors are a great deal of grief and sadness for family and friends. Not playing "the ostrich", but I prefer to bypass those emotions and focus on their positive attributes & characteristics that make these people memorable.

Simply a moment to reflect.

Motorcycle : Crushed
Motorcycle : Unknown
Car : Ejected w/o Seatbelt
Car : Crashed Street Race
Alcohol : Crash in a Van
Alcohol : It's a Disease
Cancer x3 : Relentless
Gunplay x2 : Enough Said


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