30 November 2006

Auto Burglary is on the Rise in my Driveway

It's my fault, really. I may have done something truly boneheaded by leaving most of my cycling gear in the car last night. Somebody noticed this and stole my gear bag + some other music-type items.

Here's the police report/insurance list:

3-Ring Binder : Map Bible
Fox Base shorts
Fox Sidewinder gloves - blue/blue
A shirt or two, I don't recall
Mechanix gloves - black with white
Timberland gloves - orange, tan, black
Salomon Fast shell - orange and reflective silver
Helly/Hansen shell - blue and grey
Fox 911 armor for elbows and knees
Smith Slider sunglasses - maybe receive donated
Oakley sunglasses - silver frame/blue lens
Fox Shock pump x 2
Crush-proof sunglasses case
MiniMag flashlight
Pair of Kenda 2.35 x 26 Blue Groove Tires - brand new, in box FAWK!
Pair of CrankBros pedals I was going to install with the tires the next day. FAWK! FAWK!
Phil Wood, T-9, White Lightning lubes, 2 cans of Pam, tools, misc tiny parts and hand tools essential to smooth biking performance.

2x10" subs in an enclosure (heavy)
Dozen CDs in a carrying case

They were in a hurry and missed out on a few other items inside the vehicle. Brand new Sessions snowboarding pants. Bike pump. 2 unboxed tires. Expensive parts for flashlights. Rubbermaid box with roadside emergency items. Floor Jack. Santa Cruz jersey & another jacket. Not the stuff with high resale, but those snowboarding pants are NWT, still in the plastic.

After each ride, I take the helmet, camelbak and gloves inside to dry. And, ahem, to preserve that long-lost new car smell. Right.

Normally, I take the entire bag into the garage. I got a little relaxed and let my guard down. Don't do the same thing, friends. Crime has no borders and never rests.

And here's a big Michael Vick obscene gesture for you, punkazz car thief boyz!!

Their anonymity protects them from retaliation. Knowing that their crappy lives is what put them in the position of stealing to get ahead is my only solace.

Thanks. I feel better now.


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