29 November 2006

Constant Gentle Pressure

I cycled uphill into Wilder Ranch and rested at the benches at the Eucalyptus Grove. It's more or less the peak of that hill, after starting from Highway One at 100 feet above sea level. Continuing through the forest, I could descend onto Highway Nine in Felton.
From the benches, you can see the edge of the Earth, as outlined by the Pacific Ocean. To the left is Monterey and to the right is obscured by forest --- but, if you were standing on the cliffs, the water and land meet near Half Moon Bay or so...

I haven't yet been on all the trails at Wilder, so I set out to find some new territory. I climbed further and found a U.S. Geological reference point set in concrete at the top of a peak which gave me a commanding view of the forest, plains, and ocean while sheltering the phone from the breeze behind some brush. Fielding calls from the office and relaying information from my client, I convinced myself that this was one of the great virtual offices in the world. Others would include : a sunny beach, a snowy chairlift, a hot spring bath.

This had been a windy day, and the sun was nearly setting three weeks before the winter solstice and with the clouds over the ocean, I had about 26 minutes before it would be dark at 4:52 p.m. The red/orange/amber burst behind and through the white/grey clouds suspended in and above blue/aqua/black sky and ocean. Cameraphone? Pshaw! Consider that one as a wasted photo opportunity and a valued memory created by applying constant, gentle pressure to cycle up that hill.

Remove any one of those three and the bike would not have brought me to that stunning overlook.


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