27 November 2006

Football Season is Really Over in PGH

Pittsburgh laid an egg on Sunday in Baltimore.
Losing by 27-0 and giving up 9 QB sacks without sacking McNair one time. Coach Cowher said a lot during the post game press conference. I only remember him saying "pitiful".

At the beginning of the football season, a friend who knows football asked me if I thought that the Steelers would make it back to the SB this year, after winning last year. I said, "no". That's what I believed at that moment. Several players left the team, and several were added. This happens every year to every team. That's not my reason. My reason for not believing that they would return to the SB this year is that they don't believe in themselves. The belief began with players like Bettis, Antwan Randel El, Kimo, etc.

When the spirit of the locker room dies, it dies on the field as well.
I'm just glad to see the team make it and win it last February. Some teams' fans haven't yet seen a SuperBowl victory.


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