13 March 2007

What kinda tahrs are those?

View looking up the street where I be livin'.

The local weather has settled from snow on the East hills of Mt. Hamilton, to a consistent 75F in three weeks. Welcome to Silicon Valley. Lube your chain.

Here's the tread pix, monolog below.

Only the tire is blurry. Everything else is in focus.

Found myself on the losing end of a risk against nature and the laws of gravity and friction let me down. Literally, I slid off the edge of the easiest trail in Los Gatos and left some skin. Checked the rubber on the MTB and found my tried and trusty rear tire had enough mileage to warrant replacement by now...

I was happy to finally have a reason (and the right weather conditions) to mount and test the Panaracer Rampage 2.35 folding tire at about 730 grams. 120 grams more with a tube TYVM. Not running that tubeless goop and buying an air compressor. Not having any flats lately, either. If I find myself clearing goat head thorns, I'll go tubeless then.

Results: Nicely ramped center knobs for low rolling resistance. Siping that looks like x and + for additional traction. Wide casing for strength and an aramid / kevlar bead for weight savings over the optional steel bead. Great contact patch. Fairly predictable ride characteristics and finally down from $47 to a decent price of $32.



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