28 February 2007

Student Heroes 2007

I was always very interested in math during school. Did pretty well across the board. During my senior year in H.S., the mail delivered an invitation to a school achievement awards ceremony, addressed to my parents. It did not say for what subject/topic, yet I was to receive an award. It's an expensive private school so -- dress nicely and show up. The school gym was the setting and it was full of families and students and faculty. All this time, I thought I would receive an award for getting A's in all my math classes.


What a let down. The award was for... greatest achievement in physical fitness. It was difficult to walk up to the stage and collect my handshake, etc. Everyone in the place now knew that I was a high school gym rat. The award might as well have been for being "a meathead", and signed by
Archie Bunker.

These math students are my heroes.



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