18 September 2008

Cell phone death in the family

One night, I put my cell phone down and went to sleep and when I awoke, the keys were inoperable. Every single key on that thing did the same thing: Initiated a voice record. Then, the voice record memory was full and all it would do is display that message. After some research, I learn that this is common with the flip phones as the flex cable that runs through the hinge and behind the keyboard cracks. Common Failure. So, I replaced it and sold the old one for parts on eBay.

All I ask for is a phone that makes calls clearly. I used to sell cellular when there was only CellularOne and GTE. GTE was 43 cents/minute and C1 was 39 cents. I find myself on the wrong side of the desk at the phone company store: "No, I don't want to watch TV on a 2" screen. Why did I just pay $3,000 for a big screen TV to watch it on a 2" screen?" Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

So, here are some of the pix extracted from the old phone in a xpost here.


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