01 July 2006

Luck is a Number

"Lucky 7"
"Lucky 8"
"Luck comes in 3s"

Is there any valid reason to buy a lottery ticket? I mean, aside from entertainment?? We all know the odds are horrible. You've better odds of being bitten by a shark without ever leaving your home. They call the lottery "stupidity tax for people who can't do math".

I know people who buy lottery tickets "Only when it's above 25 million." Hmmmm. Aren't your odds the same no matter what the potential jackpot payout amount?

Can a fortune really come in the form of a cookie after a Chinese food meal? Normally sane people know that luck isn't randomly doled out by some buck-toothed, tuxedo-wearing, chain-smoking waiter. Yet, I'm dining the other day with people who actually say they frame their fortunes from cookies. I can understand that for art's sake, but not for reviewing these false fortunes over time.
This company, produces fortune cookies with custom messages, for a fee. That's as good as it gets.


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