13 December 2006

Fed Tax, State Tax, Mechanic Tax...

Nice thing about riding in the rain...

...is that you're nearly the only person out. Today, it provided meditative descents =and= higher value wildlife sightings.

Rode the backup bike today since I delivered the primary ride to a perfectionist mechanic for a fair fee. Last week, I got 3/4 through my ride when the rain began and I took the bike in that afternoon as the 4-day rain forecast kicked off. Nearly perfect timing.

The inagural tune-up for this newest bike is about 5% of it's cost. Not today's value, it's original cost. Because the technology is currently evolving, damn bikes prices move like computers. It's obsolete at the time of purchase. But... for gravity junkies, bikes are pretty effing great!

So, disassemble, clean, lube the fork, bottom bracket, wheel hubs, install new frame pivot bearings/bushings, true the wheels, replace some cable/housing. . . there's more.

The backup is a 1998 Tazmon from Santa Cruz. It's set up much lighter than the way my Superlight is built up. Shorter top tube makes climbs feel lighter. The RS Judy SL fork is definitely a pound lighter than the Marzocchi Atom Race 100.

The "mud" tires on the Tazmon are a little more narrow with wider gaps between the blocks of rubber on the tread. The Superlight's tires were a WTB 2.55 LT front and an IRC paddle 2.1

Flickable is an overused word in the MTB community. It's flickable. The prototype XC bike that was very easily improved upon with all of SantaCruz's products which followed the Tazmon. Disc brake tabs would reeeeeeeeally improve this swingarm. I'll talk to a welder about it...


I think I saw Santa's reindeer on the trails today. So many deer chowing down on the hillsides. Some run away briskly, some stand and stare.


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