15 December 2006

Steep And Cheap Dot Com

Sometimes, the items don't sell out and we see a repeat.
Still a great price.

CLICK the PIC above

I really recommend this site if you're seeking instant and frequent info on hot deals on outdoor equipment and clothing. Items sell out quickly as only one is available at a time.

Picked up some Flow AMP 5 snowboard bindings for $64 and saw them in a local winter sports warehouse for $144 today. No shit! Also, offered at $260 USD in the UK. And, for a limited time, on a well-known online auction site.

Bought some "Tex" cargo pants for snowboarding made by Sessions, with GoreTex for around $82. Retail online price is $144-$130. Auctioning at $108. Worth the effort.

You can find sunglasses, baby joggers, backpacks, campstoves, pants, really everything on SteepandCheap. Hot items sell out quickly.
Think : Concert tickets. It's pretty smart for them to sustain the hype, one item after another. It's the online equivalent of the Home Shopping Channel on TV.

The site can be set up to notify you by email, SMS, messaging pigeon...


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