13 March 2007

Fremont Older Ranger Recon Ride

The downlow on the P.O. and the PoPo at F.O. - March 13th

Ride on, Toyon! It was Seventh Springs Heaven + all the other localized cliches. Today, we had really just excellent riding conditions. A few laps and loops and I'm outta there.

I stop on the tight n twisty to let 2 joggers pass and ask them,
"Have you seen any Rangers today?" None.

Bombing down to the eucalyptus creek crossing and I see two youngsters of 67 years, hiking my way. I make a complete stop and then perch on the downside of the trail to allow their pass.
She says to he, "Oh, look, he screeched to a stop for us."
I smile as they walk past, "It's the right thing to do."

Passing two lovebirds staring off toward Mt. Hamilton and (quite clearly today all points in between), the guy asks me "Do you have the time?" I smile "I really don't". And it's true. a) I haven't seen my bike computer in five weeks. b) I don't wear a watch in the wild. c) and, hey pal : go forget yourself for bringing TIME into my consciousness out here. Don't do that to people. Make a freakin' sundial.

On the final exit, I pass a cyclist and givim my standard "What's up, man?"
He volunteered : "There's a Ranger up ahead."
"Thannnk you!"

I rode slowly until I said hello to Ms. Ranger.
She heard me coming around the switchbacks -- near the Restoration Area sign -- riding on those noisyass Chris Kings and she was nearly in a defensive stance when my surprisingly slow speed relaxed her out of that pouncy profile.

5'4", about a buck ten, sandy blondy to the collar. Nice woman.
She was armed with a backpack full of Ranger tickets and Radar guns, I'm sure. OK, I'm not sure of that, but she had a backpack!! and could have.. been... a terrorist in disguise!! but I'm thinking she was definitely there for enforcement.
She says to me: "Couldn't ask for anything more". She was sooo right.

Thanks, again, Ranger warning cyclist dude on the trail today.

Fade out to, the Bud Light song "Real American Heroes"...

This was a couple minutes before 3pm.
How I know you say? I couldn't get TIME out of my head and had to ask somebody in the parking lot.

Somebody asked me online here how the P.O. was today, so I told him I'd post it:

Poison Oak is sprouting in all the usual spots this season : shady areas facing Moffett Field on Seven Springs, dark side of Ridge Trail, a few meters of Garrod and the other killer trails like Horse Puckey, Oyster Moisture, Turtle Snot or whatever people are calling them now. I can't remember them all. Nice thing is that it's pretty much cut back from the edges of the trails right now. Usually doesn't start encroaching until after May. We've had such a La Nina winter that things aren't overgrown; Might not even happen for '07.


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