14 March 2007

Technical Clothing at Real World Prices

Most of the Ski/Snowboard/Mtn Bike clothing that I'm buying lately is truly discounted. Sure, I can buy the 2007 styles and pay full retail to select precisely what I want from the current offerings. The key word is "want". What I need is 2006 or 2005 versions at huge discounts. That's normally what I'm buying.

On yesterday's killer ride, I wore one of the four same Fox Base Shorts that I've been wearing for two "seasons" now. Picked them up on eBay for $9.00 a pair, with shipping about the same, so I got "smart" and started buying two at a time. Normally, about $35-40. A lot of bike shorts sell for $65 - 125 for Oakley and other inflated brands.

Also wore --for the first time-- one of two identical Fox Base Jerseys bought over the winter online at www.steepandcheap.com for $12 each. Normally, about $35-40. A lot of bike jerseys begin at $65 online. And there's nothing really to the polyester spins they sell. Three pockets in the back of the jersey. Big effing deal. If this was wool, I could see the price justification.

I want to buy the $10-12 socks made for mountain biking. Typically, darker colors (not white) low rise, wool blends. I buy the $5 factory seconds at the local bike chain called Performance. Picked up a great pair of Salomon shoes with a BOA type lacing system for $65 at The Sports Basement (former Fry's location in Sunnyvale). Easily $100 at full retail.

OK. quasiRant over.


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