01 July 2006

Look, Ma, no shoes!!

Is soccer season over, yet?! Err, “football” season?

Sorry, there’s so little time available to watch only so many sports. Soccer isn’t one of them for me. I understand the global attraction to soccer.

Anyone can play.

Yet, few can play well.

Even fewer earn millions.

Remember when you had time to watch baseball, soccer, basketball, football, hockey, and racing? It's so much tougher now, that we're all so damn busy and can only devote ourselves to one or two sports. For me, it can only be football.

There's a handful of sports I can not watch at all. Golf? Tennis? Bowling? Cricket? Wrestling? Get real. How many hours per year can a person sit in front of the TV anyway? Sure, you can work in the office, on the road, around the house --whatever-- and listen to the games on the radio. It's just not the same without video.

In a few weeks, we can all begin to sink our teeth into American “football”, waste some Sundays, slam some brews, and admire truly athletic achievements within a "game" which is over-structured and over-officiated. HaHA!! Come on, Augussssst!!




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